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    Born to a peasant family within the lands of Falkreath, Avulsten spent the majority of his young life working the fields in order to keep his small family thriving. Staying true to the traditional beliefs of Nordic culture, Avulsten and his family followed the ancient pantheon, following it’s tenants and history to the highest degree. Most days were met with quiet entertainment after a long day of work, but occasionally warriors, merchants or mages would travel through the pale pass. Taking advantage of lowly populated the lands outside of the Falkreath itself were, his father would use their simple farm house as an Inn for these travelers.

    Avulsten had always been an outgoing host whenever these guests arrived, and would speak them about their adventures and even sought out the occasionally training in both blade and staff. His father encouraged this sort of training considering how close their lands were to the savage Reachmen to the west. Unfortunately, the day came where the savages attacked. Avulsten attempted to defend against them using his basic understanding of frost magic and swordplay, but they eventually wounded him and overran his childhood home, killing both his mother and father. Left for dead, Avulsten was found by wandering patrol of guards and nursed back to health. Once recovered, he set out to improve skills so that nobody would die on his watch again.

    During the second Akaviri Invasion, Avulsten was studying magical arts within the college of Winterhold. By the time he and his group of battlemages arrived to Morrowind, the battle had been won. The Nords claimed that the ghost of Wulfhearth commanded Skald-King Jorrunn make a permanent alliance with he Argonians and the devils of Morrowind after the invasion was thwarted. Refusing to believe that Ysmir would decree such a command, he abandoned his study in Winterhold and returned to the Lands of Falkreath in eastern Skyrim. He worked with the city guard, continuing to hone his swordsmanship until he thought it time to explore the rest of the world.

    Traveling to Cyrodiil, he would come across a notice requesting able-bodied warriors to protect the lands of House Lyeis from both the Daedra and the alliances seeking to stake a claim in the central province. It was here that Avulsten joined with the Gray Sentinels for fortune and glory.

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