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    Bug Name: Quoted code blocks become formatted
    Location/URL of Where it Happened: Probably anywhere, but example here.
    What time it Happened: Anytime
    Description of What Happened: When a post containing a code block is quoted, instead of the code block remaining as is (i.e. in the form of code), it becomes formatted by that code. Meaning text withing < b > < / b > becomes bold, etc.
    Description of what you where doing before it happened: Quoting myself like an egomaniac
    Description of what happened after it happened: #mindblown
    Extra comments: None required.

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    I’ve confirmed that this is an inherent bug within BBCode itself! We cannot fix this 🙁 I was able to produce a correctly formatted block quoted code segment by using the Visual editor.

    Thanks for following the format!

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