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    Couple of general things at first glance before I sleep (because who doesn’t love testing websites before bed?)

    None of the text fields currently have character limits for the profile. I was able to past 3287 characters in fields such as first name, last name, character bio. Anywhere I could

    Character Image: allows for gifs, not sure if wanted.

    Image limit currently shows as set to 957.53 MB for every image. Was going to try and upload massive things but don’t want to hurt anything.

    P.S. Just trying to help, if this is not the sort of testing y’all are looking for from a design perspective let me know. May do some fuzzing tomorrow.

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    Fixed Character limit in Biography(textarea 500 words), Name(textbox 32 chars), My Character(image set to 10mb), and My Character Bio(Text area 1000 words).

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