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    Hey all,

    The objective of this post is to gauge the interest in these events: Skyshards, Lorebooks, Fishing, and Dungeon basic training. Please comment which ones you would be interested in or how you would change one!

    Skyshards: When you collect three skyshards, you gain a skill point! They are scattered throughout areas. We can do an area every Tuesday or figure something else out.

    Lorebooks: Lorebooks give you lore… and are the only way to level up your mages skill line. It takes a lot of them to get Mages Skill level 10. They are also located in areas(They are the purple books you sometimes see).

    Fishing: You can fish in ESO! Fishing serves a few purposes. Time killer, gold farm(from perfect roe), and achievements. The purpose of this event however would be for the achievements. See this

    Dungeon basic training: New to ESO? I, or another experienced player, can show you the ropes for dungeons. Dungeons follow the typical “the lower the level requirement of the dungeon, the easier it is” for the most part. So we could split this training into different parts depending on level, or even have ones for specific dungeons(some get quite hard). I’m leaving this one open to what it is, what do you think?


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